Export Credit Agency Advisory

Danista Capital Partners has been specialized in ECA (Export Credit Agency Cover) buyer loans based on direct corporate risk. Tenor used for industrial plant financing varies between 5-10 years depending on the size of the contract, plant construction and machine delivery date. The maximum period for financing raw materials is up to 2 years.

Our team has a proven track record of more than 15 years in ECA's direct corporate credit risk-based configured loan financing (in this process no counter guarantee is needed from any bank in Turkey). The sectors to which we have provided ECA loans to date are textile, yarn, petrochemical, metal, automotive parts, health, medicine, food and beverages, industrial gas, agricultural enterprise, construction material, logistics and time-sensitive delivery, news publishing and media, petroleum and LPG distribution, optical fiber and telecom, mass mailing and furniture industry.

Danista Capital Partners structures and packages transactions where both capital goods and working capital financing are required. Our clients make use of financial instruments depending on the availability of resources and project specifications. In projects where a large amount of imported capital products are required. ECA consists of financing used in conjunction with loans with partial or full bank collateral requirements to package the financing of transactions. In addition to ECA collateral loans, funds may be provided through bilateral and multilateral financial institutions for upper and lower loans depending on the guarantees of the guarantors, industry, feasibility, social and economic development and environmental impacts of the projects. Financing conditions vary depending on the feasibility, industry, economic and other technical characteristics of the projects. Particularly in energy projects, funding can be generated against collaterals in trading contracts. In healthcare projects, the financing of semi-limited reimbursement within the scope of ECAs (such as Hermes and US Eximbank) is possible by credit agreements such as several and/or partners, and the guarantors' guarantees in the project guarantee can be lifted.

Danista Capital Partners works with private and public credit insurance agencies to structure financing for buyers who want to buy capital goods and raw materials from abroad, and convinces the exporters and their lending banks to accept ECA financing. In all of its projects, Danista Capital Partners works exclusively with partner banks, the leading players in the international capital markets.