Financial Restructuring Advisory

Companies may face serious financial and operational problems due to economic fluctuations, rapid changes in the market, fluctuations in exchange rates, changes in competition conditions in the market or managerial decisions. Such problems further increase the need for cash and cause significant cash flow problems in the short term. Companies can see the symptoms of the problems before the crisis occurs, but they avoid fast financial advice for various reasons. In many cases, there are solutions that can positively change the financial and operational course if timely measures are taken. 

Danista Capital Partners provides advisory services to banks that have problems in their credit processes due to companies facing financial problems and failing to achieve the expected financial performance. With domestic and overseas experiences, our local team provides case specific solutions, and through our global team we can serve you in many countries of the world.

If Companies (or Banks whose clients are experiencing financial difficulty) are facing the following issues;

  • Corporate cash flow problem due to global and local economic conditions
  • If there is a breach of financial commitments in the credit documents or it is likely that you will encounter this in the future
  • High financial debt or short-term cash shortage  
  • If your corporate structure is no longer compatible with your company activities

We can help you:

  • Improvement practices for recovery from crisis
  • Providing the optimal structuring option
  • Providing a common solution with banks and other stakeholders
  • Harmonization of debt service cash flow with operational cash flow
  • Making the financial and commercial situation more understandable
  • Maximizing company value for banks, shareholders and other stakeholders
  • Realization of structuring procedures requiring overseas experience

Our services:

  • Loan structuring
  • Refinancing
  • Operational restructuring in companies with high financial debt
  • Independent financial analysis report
  • Exit strategy management
  • Working capital management
  • Debt capacity and liquidity analysis