Turquality Consultancy

Turquality is Turkey's state-sponsored branding program initiated by the Ministry of Commerce in order to support the development of the image and reputation of "Quality Turkish Goods" in international markets, supporting the branding processes of our companies to increase their exports and market shares in global markets and to ensure their permanent success in these markets. The program aims to identify those with a branding potential among companies that produce final or intermediate products in sectors such as "retail, textile, fast moving consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, building materials, services, durable goods and automotive which operate with both a B2B business model and a B2C business model. It is a support program for these companies that includes all value creation processes from production to marketing, from sales to after-sales services.

Companies and brands that are eligible to apply to the program are included in one of the Turquality or Brand programs according to the evaluation results. As of 2020, 181 brands of 170 companies benefit from the Turquality Support Program, while 114 brands of 112 companies benefit from the Brand Support Program. Given the large number of companies willing to participate, the program uses a rigorous company evaluation process to ensure the right brands and companies are supported. For this reason, it is important for the companies applying to the program to prepare professionally by using the right approaches for the successful conclusion of the application process.

One of the most important intellectual assets that make up the value of a company in today's information society is the value of the company brand. What determines the brand value is the value proposition offered by the brand to its customers, its response to the customer, its attractiveness, and the desire of the customer base to work together for a long time based on this value proposition. Based on this, we, as KRESTON Danista, provide preparation consultancy to Turquality, which is a branding program, in addition to our company and brand valuation service we have carried out for many years. In this process, we create customer-specific managerial and operational strategies that will enable our customers to be successful in the Turquality audit process. In addition, our expert consultants who are competent in their own field, provide our customers with necessary support to help them achieve sustainable growth and profitability, and to be successful in the Turquality process and become a brand in global markets. We support them in the preparation process of Turquality through the following aspects.

  • Strategic Planning and Corporate Performance Management
  • Financial Performance
  • Brand Management
  • New Product Development

  • Marketing, Customer and Trade Management

  • Supply chain management

  • Human Resources Management

  • Corporate Management

  • Information Systems and Technology Management